Football clubs, National teams and Leagues

To understand the complete concept of FIFA, it’s very necessary to learn about term football club, national team and leagues. Football clubs, National teams and Leagues described below.

Football clubs (association football)

club is the organization or company which run all management of this sport from structure to playing team as stadium, coaches etc. FIFA governed the football or soccer. club is the organization or company which run all management of this sport from structure to playing team as stadium, coaches etc. FIFA is the main governing body. football clubs, national teams and leagues are further described below.

football club league

National teams

Teams of different countries consist of players that play for different football or soccer clubs. Each team consist 11 players one is goal keeper and others in outfield for defense. Football clubs, National teams and Leagues described.

Football leagues

Different clubs made associations of teams accompanying leagues.

Club competitions

club competitions are the competitions between the national teams from different countries . Supporters and even sponsors acquire membership within clubs for affiliation. FIFA governs all matches and competitions and regulate the licenses of different football clubs .Football clubs, National teams and Leagues.

club tournaments

Football leagues and tournaments

At continental or regional level 6 leagues exist by FIFA confederations. These leagues are association of different clubs. Football clubs, National teams and Leagues exist all over the world with semiprofessional and professional players and owned by members or any other business entities. Football clubs came in to existence in 19th century.


An association football club has a designated stadium generally as home ground. Clubs are Sole tournament organizer in their home ground. They are owned by the club or any business entity. Stadium names are designated by sponsors mostly to generate revenue for football club. The ownership of stadium is solely for the club but naming rights are sold to generate revenue for the club.

fifa home ground

List of Football clubs

Africa (CAF), Asia (AFC), Europe (UEFA),

North, Central America and Caribbean.

Oceania (OFC), South America (CONMEBOL).

Football team

Football team is the group of players designated to play the match. These football teams from different clubs play opposing each other as competitor to represent particular football club. The difference between football club and football team is incorporation. To joining club gives the team extra facilities supported staff and equipment’s for training.

football national teams

Premiere league teams

AFC Bournemouth, Arsenal, Aston villa, Chelsea, Crystal palace, Everton, Leicester city, Liverpool, Manchester city, Manchester united, Norwich city, Southampton, Stoke city, Sunderland, Swansea city, Totten ham Hotspur, Watford, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United.

Women’s association football

It is generally known as women soccer or women’s football. professionally played by women in different countries. It is played in 187 countries all over the world. The game laws are equally used and followed for both men and women’s team. First women’s match held in United Kingdom in 1920.after that from 1991 to 1970 women matches were banned in England showing male dominancy.

Revival of women game

For fifty years ban was maintained by football association .then UEFA recommend that national association in each country should maintain women game. FA issued an apology for banning women game. Afterwards in 1971 women’s world cup played and football matches in Olympic Games also 21st century women’s game evolved at professional level in every aspect.

 women football teams
Sexual harassment and abuse

In women’s football team in early 2020 harassment become an hot 2021 and 2022 NWSL addressed numerous abusing 2013 four managers were banned during investigation for lesser disciplines. The same issue was reported in 2023 during final of women’s world cup with the Rubiales affair.

Football future

There is an agreement with IMC till 2024.nothing has been decided and FIFA is awaiting views from stakeholders, fans, competitors and upcoming youth including men, women to make the calendar better.

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