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It’s a very important topic about football skills to thrive achievement and success. Football skills formulate or design technique to play extraordinary game in ground. Football skills consist of numerous terms to practice for best game play. These skills include technique, game intelligence, physical fitness and thorough mindset.

Ball control and Dribbling skills

The basic dribbling skills and technique is to make gentle contact with ball and keep the ball close to feet. Use the edge of foot to dribble ball and keep the ball in low edge peripheral vision to change the pace. Use the body to protect or pass the ball to other players or make goal kick to net. Dribbling is basically maneuvering of ball by one player in particular direction without intercept of other players.

football controlling trick

Passing accuracy

Passing accuracy means movement of ball made by player in particular destination without any hurdle and having full ball means sending the ball to team players with full power and precision to cross the net or ball to the net. Both feet must be used for this purpose. They must pass the ball in space with proper weight to meet the required destination. Players would not be able to win without ball passing accuracy.

physical coordination to control football

Body control

Body control refers to player physical movement with coordination to control the football. Feature of body control comes under the football technique rather than physical fitness. Correct running, Long strides and low gravity are the good indications of body control.

The above regarding article was about football techniques .the next part of tactics is game intelligence.

football flying technique

Game intelligence

Game intelligence is measured by the smart decision made by player in ground on urgent basis quickly and précised. The smart football players spend minimum energy with higher results. It means playing smarter not harder. Game intelligence consists of three skills.

Spatial awareness

Spatial awareness means capability of player to see through the ground and utilize ground space for their advantage. Using spaces means getting idea to get pass through teammates or become defender to opponents or control the ball to clear space for team. It involves intelligence to see whether the teammates are present and where they should be according to position of the team. It involves complete geometry of game involving sixth sense of player.

football ground

Tactical knowledge

It means the structure and nature of the game. Selection of players involves this tactics. Tactical knowledge and spatial awareness both work together for best results .it enhance players capability to possess the ball and waiting or creating the right moment of attack. By anticipating the actions of opponents and teammates intelligent player take the opportunity for next move and play properly across the field. Tactical intelligence is important for midfielders and Centre backs.

goal keeper goal defense

Risk assessment

It includes some rational but aggressive decisions about the ball and field could be lead to loss if failure in regain of possession or defense or attack move is weak for a particular team. To perform well in this situation match requires some extra sort of energy to put in during the 90 minutes of match. In other case if aggressive decision is not made then it prevents team from scoring goals and ultimately loss occur .hence aggressive decision in any game is necessary. It needs rationale of movement and field space in terms of every aspect of game.

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is another important element to win the game .A football match which lasts for 90 to 95 minutes player runs an average of 11 km per match which is 9.5 km for midfielders and center backs, high intensity runs averaging nearly 150 sprints that are 75% of their max speed. In addition to speed and endurance footballers need physical fitness to control the ball at their feet to move the ball passing it and defending the ball. Physical fitness comprises 4 essential elements.

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It means capacity of player to play in adverse conditions like to play in pressure, stress, fatigue etc. Endurance describes the mental health and capacity of player along with physical fitness. It shows through the adverse conditions the stamina of player to move action. Taking risks with tactical analysis to well perform having extra energy and will power. The body fatigue impacts player performance. Good player cope it with mental strength and physical fitness.

Balance and coordination

Sometimes the footballer have to move through small spaces surrounded by the opponent team.To move ball through with feet with good speed and coordination is vital for success. Passing ball and move through field with balance is necessary to success.

team coordination

Speed and strength

It’s a great agile factor for the footballers. Quick speed with accuracy and body coordination is is very important for players to move quick feet and dodge the defenders passing balls through them. The second type of speed is across the great distances. Such speed guide players to beat the ball across different field line both offensive and defensive.

Proper mindset with motivation and self-strength

the main key to success which formulates the player game or his strategy to play is proper mindset .proper mind set coordinate other game factors as physical and mental health with speed and accuracy .mind of player is necessary to designed for facing all hardships and keep going actively with pace in every situation.

game intelligence

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