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Top 10 world famous football players

Top 10 players of football include Lionel Messi (argentine) To Michel Platini on 10th position in the world. After taking part in Qatar FIFA world cup Messi has won all the competitions he took part. To select greatest player amongst the all is very subjective task including all qualities. Lionel Messi is considered greatest football player all the time. the list of top 10 world famous football players is given below.

No of goals and trophies

let’s have look on players according to their rankings. here is the list of top 10 world famous football players.

Rank        player                    goals            trophies

1:           Lionel Messi               802                  42      

2:           Pele                            767                  26

3:             Diego Mara Dona    353                  12

4:            Cristiano Ronaldo    819                 34

5:            Johan Cruyff              433                  22

6:            Zine dine  Zidane       156                  15

7:            Gerd Muller                718                 16

8:             Ronaldo Nazario        414                 19

9:            Alfredo di Stefano      509                 27

10:          Michel Platini              353                 12

Lionel Messi  (Argentina) 802 goals and 42 trophies

Among the list of top ten players The world no 1 player emerged from the Barcelona academy of La Maisa he won his first ball on dO’r in 2009 at the age of 22. He twice won the coveted treble with Barcelona and then major international trophy ended with FIFA world cup 2022 trophy adding his haul. In continuity of his successful career now he is playing from United States with inter Miami.

Lionel Messi

Pele (Brazil) 767 goals and 26 trophies

Pele did 6 goals in 1958 world cup which announced him on global stage. He was three times world cup winner. He is known as black pearl and did 700 goals for his club and country. He won multiple titles with Brazilian football club named top 10 world famous football players Pele is on 2nd position rank wise.


Diego Mara Dona (Argentina) 353 goals and 12 trophies

Diego Mara Dona is very famous amongst young generation because of his playing tricks of game and attacking skills. He is ball controller and trickery .he won the 1986 world cup with Argentina scoring 2 goals each in semifinals and finals. He drove two league titles to Napoli which only win 2 times in history.

Diego Maradona

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) 819 goals 34 trophies

Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest football player in history and goal scorer. He won 3 league titles in 3 different countries which are England, Spain and Italy in his career. He won 5 league champion titles in which four comes from during his iconic performance at real Madrid. He scored 4 goals in UEFA euro 2012. Cristiano Ronaldo is most famous amongst the list of top ten football players.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Johan Cruyff (Netherlands) 433 goals 22 trophies

He is considered as the pioneer in football game. Johan cruyff is most influential personality in football for his contributions as player. He won three consecutive European cup titles with Ajax. He also won Ballon d’Or three times. He reached in world cup two times in 1974 and 1978 from Netherlands.

Johan Cruyff

Zine dine Zidane (France) 156 goals 16 trophies

He is the greatest football player ever in terms of control and technique. He started as young player in Cannes but afterwards signed by the Bordeaux. Before going to real Madrid he won many titles then he won the champion league in first session. He helped France to won FIFA world cup of 1998 in his homeland. In 1906 he again reached to finals but lost against Italy. He announced or nominated as best world player in 1998, 2000 and 2003.

Zine dine Zidane

Gerd Muller (Germany) 722 goals 16 trophies

He is a legend German football player export from Europe. He played for many German clubs and made his name from Munich. He played 453 matches of Munich and made 398 record goals against different teams. Then he moved to United States and played for Lauderdale strikers. In 1972 he won championship with Germany and after two years later won the FIFA world cup.

Gerd Muller

Ronaldo Nazario (Brazil) 414 goals and 15 trophies

He is regarded as best Brazilian striker ever. He started his career from Cruzeiro hitting 12 goals in 14 the age of 17 he was the member of USA squad for 1994 world cup. He did 30 goals in his first session in European football. Afterwards he continued his scoring streaks in Barcelona. In 1998 he lost the world cup from Brazil to France but after four years in 2002 he won the title. He did 414 goals for his country and club.

Ronaldo Nazario

Alfredo Di Stefano(Argentina)509 goals 26 trophies

He is considered as the legend of Argentina and Real Madrid. He borne in Buenos and started his career from river plate. After struggling for being member of the team he sent on loan to Atletico Huracan. After returning from loan spell he became the important part of the river plate team .he helped them to win the title in 1947.he helped the Spain to win eight titles from 1955 to 1960.

Alfredo Di Stefano

Michel Platini (France )353 goals 12 trophies

French football history is not complete without this name. In course of his career he was the best midfield player. He had born in 1955 to North East France. He started his career with Nancy and professionally won the cup in 1978.He became the part of Saint Etienne and helped them to win the league in 1981.after that he moved to Juventus and won numerous titles.

Michel Platini

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